Welcome to Miller Designs! First I’d like to extend a personal greeting to any viewers that happen to stumble upon my site, and to say thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy your stay!

This website has a very simple purpose: To broadcast myself as a Graphic Artist. I have just graduated with my Associate’s Degree in Applied Science – Graphic Design, and now I am working to get my name out there. Everything related to myself as a Graphic Artist is located on this site, like my Portfolio, a blog for updates and sneak peaks, and finally a contact page for anyone interested in my work.

I specialize in Digital Painting, and my program of choice is Adobe Photoshop. There is something magical to me about creating something from scratch without the use of photo-manipulation, or the recycling of current assets to create something new. Not to say I don’t enjoy photo-manipulation, but my passion definitely lies with creating compositions from the ground up.

Currently, I am seeking freelance work to get my feet wet in the industry, and this is just one of many ways I am broadcasting myself. As stated above, if there is an interest in my work, feel free to contact me! I am very excited to see what the future holds!

-Jeff Miller