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Launching the Website.

Hello world! Today I finally launch my site. It has been aches and pains figuring out wordpress, but for now I think I’m at a good place to go ahead and launch. Any changes later on I can make, but it’s not doing much good with a lame “Coming Soon” page.

Some things to come, I’ve got more portfolio pieces on the way, a few more images for the front page slider, and just some other assets to “pretty up” what I have so far. As far as work goes, I’ve currently got two websites, three if you include this one that I’m working on, as well as a T-Shirt, and other small-time projects. Definitely gotta keep busy! Hopefully after this site launches, I will become a very busy man. Can’t wait to see!

Anyway, I have high hopes for this site, and there is definitely more to come!

-Jeff Miller