I’m in an art show!


Hello everyone! I have some exciting news! On May 9th, I will be featured at an art show called VERSE, presented by RAW Artists. It will be at The House of Blues in San Diego. Here is my mission: I need to sell 20 tickets in order to attend and showcase my artwork. That being said, I am on a mission to extend an invite out to anyone who wants to support my art and I, as well as anyone who is looking forward to an amazing networking opportunity. There will be 60+ other underground artists from all over. There will also be live music from local talent, and at the end there will be a fashion show, giving local models and designers a chance to showcase their work too.

So, if you are interested in any way, presales are $22. To purchase, follow the link on this flier to my RAW Profile, scroll down and select “Buy Tickets”. This ensures that your support goes towards the presales I am required to sell. In return, if you end up purchasing a ticket, I am doing print giveaways on 4 of my landscapes. They are 12″x18″ mini posters. If you buy a ticket, let me know, choose one of the four and I will present you with the print as a personal thank you for supporting me. 



Launching the Website.

Hello world! Today I finally launch my site. It has been aches and pains figuring out wordpress, but for now I think I’m at a good place to go ahead and launch. Any changes later on I can make, but it’s not doing much good with a lame “Coming Soon” page.

Some things to come, I’ve got more portfolio pieces on the way, a few more images for the front page slider, and just some other assets to “pretty up” what I have so far. As far as work goes, I’ve currently got two websites, three if you include this one that I’m working on, as well as a T-Shirt, and other small-time projects. Definitely gotta keep busy! Hopefully after this site launches, I will become a very busy man. Can’t wait to see!

Anyway, I have high hopes for this site, and there is definitely more to come!

-Jeff Miller